About Love Studio,

a team of wedding (and the life beyond) photographers, is based in Phoenix, AZ. In business for over 10 years now, we've shot hundreds of weddings all over Phoenix, the state of Arizona, the US and abroad.

Meet the #aboutloveladies:



KACEY droz

Kacey is the true HEART behind About Love Studio. As founder, owner and fearless leader, her sweet touch is in everything we do. Her passion for photography and our clients is palpable. When not behind the camera, you will find her enjoying life with her husband and four kiddos at a dance competition, a baseball game, a school function, a family gathering, etc. Or perhaps squeezing in some relaxation while sipping an IPA. 



Taylor is wildly passionate about her family, her friends, her faith, her dog and her job. When she's not chasing her sweet girls, Emerson and Campbell, you can find this creative soul working on a new hobby or craft; Her latest adventure is watercolor and hand lettering. And if you truly want to make her heart sing, invite her to travel and hand her a Diet Coke.

Kiera Kielmeyer

Keira is a shy extrovert with a faith that propels her life as a wife and busy mom to little ones.  She has a smile that warms the space around her as well as a deep desire to capture life as it happens. Keira wants to live in a world where Jesus is king, people are nice to each other, everyday feels like Fall and her toes are freshly pedicured


Heather Bennett

Heather is an Arizona native, wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to two spunky daughters. As a kid, she spent hours flipping through the family photo albums and smiling at the memories and the polyester. Her dedication to making sure people have photographic evidence of their best moments is what inspires her at each and every wedding and photo session. And coffee is what fuels it all.



Meagan Kenney

Meagan is a beach-loving mom/stepmom to six kids with a keen eye for beautiful photographs. She is also passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle; She teaches pilates and barre classes too and loves whipping up healthy meals. (full of hidden veggies - she’s sneaky!) Her ideal moment of simple bliss involves quiet time in the evening with her hubby and a glass of wine.